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People Share Toe-Curling Texts To Their Exes And It's Going To Make You Cringe

People Share Toe-Curling Texts To Their Exes And It's Going To Make You Cringe

Seeing your ex's name flash up on your phone is enough to send shudders down anyone's spine. Could they be trying to reconcile? Do they need to collect something? Are they about to dredge up old arguments?

We've all been there, which is exactly why Instagram account Texts From Your Ex is so relatable.


The account, which has amassed over 2.6 million followers and has over 2,500 posts, posts the awkward text encounters with exes that people have sent in.

Credit: Unsplash/ Sharon McCutcheon
Credit: Unsplash/ Sharon McCutcheon

Kept totally anonymous, the text exchanges range from ex partners begging to reconcile met with savage rejections, to exes asking for one night stands with hilarious consequences.

Some texts even show now-married exes trying their luck with their old flames - shocking behaviour, or what?

Here are some of our favourites...


After persistent messages from an ex to meet up, this person decided to get straight to the point.

Sometimes, all it requires is a well-timed yuletide meme to get the point across.

We don't think the person in question is getting their hoodie back, do you?

Sometimes it might feel like the easier option to lie about why you don't want to meet an ex, but after a moment of clarity, this person decided to tell the truth. Ouch.

This one makes us worry for the sanctity of marriage.

We're not cringing YOU ARE.

We hope the ex in question gets the message after this one, especially with the Men in Black reference thrown in just to drive the point home.

Perhaps the pinnacle of ex put downs comes in the form of a deleted number.


We think this ex took the knock-back in their stride.

This ex seems to still be trying their luck despite having a ring on their finger... *Shakes head*

We implore you to give Texts From Your Ex a follow, if not for a source of daily amusement, to know that some people have worse exes than you...

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/ Sharon McCutcheon

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