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WATCH: New Coronation Street Trailer Teases Pat Phelan's Comeuppance

WATCH: New Coronation Street Trailer Teases Pat Phelan's Comeuppance

Pat Phelan's murder victims are on the up, and the evil builder some how manages to keep on getting with it.

Serial murderer Phelan struck again on Friday's double episode, and Luke Britton was his latest victim after the pair had a huge row about the disappearance of Andy Carver. Fans of the show will remember that after weeks of keeping the poor guy locked up in the cellar of an old house, Phelan shot him dead.


And now a trailer has been released for the show and it looks as if Pat may about to get his comeuppance...

Uh oh! Life on the cobbles isn't looking too great right now.

The show recently left viewers FUMING, after there was several inconsistencies in the filming, and the cameraman got a little too eager on the zoom button.

Apparently, the slow zooming was distracting from all of the action in Weatherfield, and viewers quickly took to social media to slam the show's 'annoying' camera work. Oh dear, this doesn't sound good...


"The camera man on this episode of Coronation Street appears to have just discovered he has a zoom button," slated one fan of the show.

A second blasted: "What's with all the crazy camera work on tonight? Starting to feel dizzy."

And then during Phelan's show down with Luke on Coronation Street, Pat forced him off the road and shot the mechanic through the front window of his car. He then fired another bullet into the tank of Luke's car, causing a huge explosion...

But fans were quick to realise that there was no bullet hole in the front window of the car from the first shooting, leaving many to flock to Twitter to point out the inconsistency.

" When Phelan was reversing his car ready to blow Luke's up....where had the smashed window gone to from where the bullet had entered?!?! ," questioned one viewer.

As someone else declared: " great surprise with the shooting and explosion! Couldn't help but notice the continuity error though. The windscreen wasn't cracked from the bullet, when Phelan drove off."

Still, this latest teaser from Coronation Street looks more dramatic than ever.

Featured Image Credit: Coronation Street/ITV

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