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'Britain's Got Talent' Fans Think Cameraman 'Exposed' Magician's Act

'Britain's Got Talent' Fans Think Cameraman 'Exposed' Magician's Act

Britain's Got Talent viewers were convinced a magician's spooky trick was "exposed" by a cameraman on the show last night.

Judge Amanda Holden was terrified by the act - so much so that she swore live on air - but fans at home reckoned they'd worked out how The Haunting's Elizabeth had pulled it off.


Amanda was led down to the basement in the supernatural act and screamed as she was grabbed by Florence the ghost as another one named Agatha smashed through a mirror to grab her.

But Agatha then took hold of Amanda's arm to lead her back upstairs, before transforming into Elizabeth the magician.

The BGT judge was so surprised by the trick she dropped the f-bomb when she realised Elizabeth was behind her again, but fans reckon a rogue arm backstage gave it all away.

As the camera panned around the room backstage as Amanda was guided back up to the stage, somebody could be seen hiding behind a wall on the stairs, leading many to believe it was Elizabeth ready to swap back into the act.


If you skip to five minutes into the above video, you'll see what they're all talking about.

"Only thing that impressed me about The Haunting on was the changeover from Agatha to the host, but this time we even saw her arm appearing too early! Rubbish easy tricks!" declared one on Twitter.

While another shared: "The Haunting act failed. We saw her arm sticking out in the corridor when swapping over before going back on stage."

"Well the haunting went wrong saw her arm come out from the side has Amanda walked up the stairs with the so called Agatha #whataloadofrubbish," added somebody else.

"Loooool bad move camera man! We saw you hiding," chimed in a fourth.

While fans reckon they'd busted the magician, it still managed to terrify Amanda who was forced to apologise to the studio audience for swearing in fright.

Britain's Got Talent continues on ITV at 7.30pm tonight.

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