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31 Reasons You Should Be Really Excited About Autumn

31 Reasons You Should Be Really Excited About Autumn

It's finally happened. Summer is over and Autumn is upon us. Seriously, where the heck did the time go? And while it might be the end of summer holidays, barbecues, and (natural) tans for most of us, that's no reason to be down.

Autumn is the best time of the year with all the most fun things to do! So perk up and let us remind you why you should be really happy that we're finally into Autumn!



1. There are still a good few weeks of decent weather. - The really bad weather doesn't usually set in until October at the earliest so there's still time for one last summer blowout!

2. Holiday envy can be a thing of the past! - No more hot dog legs or pool selfies cluttering up your Facebook feed and making you jealous.

3. You won't be sweating your ass off every time you leave the house. - Say goodbye to that can of deodorant you've been taking everywhere with you.

4. Everyone can stop being disappointed when the weather isn't quite up to scratch. - Autumn isn't expected to have the best weather so no one complains as much when it rains.


5. If you're still young enough you get to go back to school or university and see all your friends again. - And you get to recount all your summer holiday adventures.

6. All the best television programmes are back on again! - The Walking Dead, Strictly Come Dancing, American Horror Story, The X Factor, Poldark and more are all returning soon!

7. You can finally get your jumpers and scarves out of the wardrobe. - Let's be honest, Autumn fashion is the best fashion.

8. In fact, why not treat yourself to an Autumn shopping spree? - There's a whole new season out, and you've got to be en vogue haven't you?

9. There's less nasty insects flying about. - Wahoo!

10. Hayfever season is over for another year! - Put that cetrizine dihydrochloride back in the packet!

11. Halloween is just around the corner. - Costumes, sweets, parties and scary stories, what's not to love?!

12. It's basically everyone's birthdays which means parties galore. - nine months before September is Christmas, nine months before October is New Year's Eve, nine months before November is Valentine's Day. All of which are prime times to conceive a baby, let's be honest.

13. The kids are all back in schools where they belong. - No more young people clogging up shops, public transport, and city streets. Huzzah!

14. All the pretty Autumn colours on the trees make going for walks much nicer. - So pretty!

15. Hot chocolate is definitely back on the menu. - Yaaaaaas we're so ready for all the hot chocolate things ever.

16. As the nights get darker earlier there's more time for snuggling up in bed. - And who wouldn't love that?

17. And you don't get woken up by the sun at 7am every morning. - Just make sure you manage to haul yourself out of bed!

18. Bonfire night is almost upon us which means fireworks and fun! - Oooooooh! Aaaaaaah! Oooooh!

19. All the best seasonal foods are from Autumn. - Bonfire lollies, cinder toffee, pumpkins, hot chocolate, what's not to love?

20. You don't have to feel all pressured about maintaining a summer body. - Bikini season is so overrated.

21. Kicking up the fallen leaves and stepping on crunchy ones is seriously fun. - It turns a walk to the shops into a chance to reminisce about childhood.

22. Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in Starbucks (and every other product you might want to buy!) - Pumpkin Spice fever!

23. Everything is super atmospheric. - Dark nights, misty mornings, it's like being in your own movie!

24. Crisp Autumn mornings are absolutely everything. - So cool and lovely!

25. Warm alcohol is definitely in. - It might not be mulled wine time just yet but you can definitely have a Bailey's hot chocolate or two!

26. You're not going to have the whole drama of being too hot in bed anymore! - Which means snuggles for days!

27. In fact, you get to get your hot water bottles out. - Is there any greater feeling than resting your cold toes on a nice warm hot water bottle?

28. The clocks go back so you get a whole extra hour to do whatever you want. - It's basically like time travel. Use your extra hour wisely!

29. You can bring out your inner child and play conkers! - Who remembers all the tips to make them extra solid like covering them in vinegar and baking them?

30. Everything smells incredible. - Maybe it's all the pumpkin spice in the air, or maybe it's the leaves but Autumn just smells incredible for some reason!


31. By the end of Autumn it's nearly Christmas! - Santa Claus is coming to town...

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let us know in the comments!

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