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Burger King Delivery Is Now Available Nationwide And Hangovers Will Never Be The Same Again

Burger King Delivery Is Now Available Nationwide And Hangovers Will Never Be The Same Again

You know that moment when you wake up after a particularly heavy drinking session, and everything seems like it's just awful? You've got Jagerbomb in your hair, you didn't take your make-up off so it's all over your face like Alice Cooper, and your breath stinks. Did someone let you smoke last night?! Drunk you is a terrible person who makes terrible decisions.

As you crawl to the kitchen for a glass of water, you realise that there's only one thing that's going to sort out this situation - fast food. You'd kill for a Burger King but that's at least a 20 minute walk away, and you can't physically get out the house. You're barely going to be able to drag your arse into the shower.


Instead, you settle on a random pizza place. You are sad.

Well don't worry about this EVER happening again. Why? Because Burger King have rolled out nationwide delivery.

Before you say it, yes. There are some places that can already get Burger King through Deliveroo. We were lucky. Please just be happy for those who were left out initially. This is important.


Anyway, there's 50 resaturants at the moment who've signed up through Just Eat, with the view to add more by the end of the year.

You want a full list of those involved? You got it. Be aware, there's a sh*tload of London ones...

Banbury, Castle Quay

Barnstaple, Braunton Road


Bedford, Harpur St

Birmingham, Erdington

Birmingham, The Fort

Birmingham, Wednesbury

Bury St Edmunds




Coventry, Classic Drive Retail Park

Coventry, Cross Point Business Park






Ilford, Gants Hill

Leeds, Wakefield Calder Park

London, Balham

London, Bexley Heath

London, Bromley

London, Camden


London, Cricklewood

London, Croydon Church Street

London, Croydon Valley Retail Park

London, Enfield

London, Feltham

London, Gloucester Road

London, Harlesden

London, Holloway

London, Hounslow

London, Kings Cross

London, Kingsway

London, Lewisham

London, Leyton

London, Orpington

London, Park Royal

London, Peckham

London, Queensway

London, Stratford Centre

London, Twickenham

London, West Ealing

London, Whitechapel

London, Wood Green

London, Yeading


Milton Keynes, Eldergate

Northampton, Eastgate

Northampton, Market Square

Northampton, Weston Favell

Nottingham, Sandiacre

Nottingham, Castle Boulevard

Nottingham, Exchange Walk





I can't wait to be hungover this weekend.

While we're on the subject of food, have you heard about the Cheese Festival that's coming later this year?

We are living like kings in 2k17.

Featured Image Credit: Burger King/CW

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