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This Is What It's Like To Be A Professional Sex Toy Tester

It is a common assumption that women don't masturbate as much as men. Men just need a decent Wi-Fi connection, a browser set to incognito mode, and for their wrists to not be broken, and they're good to go.

But that doesn't mean women are getting off any less than men, far from it. In fact, there are professional sex toy testers who have whole careers trying out the latest dildos and everything else that might be needed. Let's face it, it's an area everyone is intrigued by.

One such professional masturbator is artist, author and sexpert Venus O'Hara. She's on a mission to liberate and educate people about sexuality, so we thought she'd be the perfect person to tell us about the good bad and ugly of sex toys, and where they're heading in the future.


Sam: So what exactly happens in the job of a toy tester?

Venus: "It involves testing the product, having the orgasm, seeing how it all works and then writing about it. I test qualities such as the texture of the toy, how strong it is, how loud it is, what the orgasm is like and who I would recommend it to."

Sam: How many toys do you test a week and how many orgasms do you think you have on a weekly basis?

Venus: "I have one orgasm every morning - that's how I wake up - so that's at least seven, but that's not really a part of testing time. I've got so many toys coming in but I won't try them all until I've got a sponsorship deal. So if someone wants me to try a toy then they have to pay me, basically. So I'd say in a week I'd average about 10-20 orgasms depending on how many reviews I'm required to write and on my personal life as well."

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Sam: How do you measure the success of the toys?

Venus: "There are three really important things with a sex toy: the strength of the vibration, the shape of the toy and the texture. These things influence a great orgasm from a normal orgasm or no orgasm. I think shape is important, especially also the positioning of the motor has to be as close to the clitoris as possible. I've found in my investigations that the stronger the motor, the stronger the orgasm.

"One thing that's different about me compared to other sex toy testers is that I know that we're not all the same so if I didn't like a toy personally, I would imagine what or who the toy would be good for. Too many sex toy testers are like, 'I wouldn't like this, it's terrible'. I'm always trying to use my imagination. For example, if a sex toy is not as strong as I would like I might say that this is a foreplay toy or something like that."

Sam: Do you think using sex toys on a regular basis limits the ability to be aroused sexually through a human experience?

Venus: "It definitely has changed things - not just the sex toy testing but being a sex blogger. I write a lot about my own experiences and that has made me become very selective in my personal life. I think I intimidate men a lot more. I'm always looking for really amazing experiences to write about so it has to be really good or really bad which will give me a really interesting article. I think the whole sex toy testing and blogging thing makes me very demanding.

"When I'm with a person I don't want to use sex toys because I've had enough of that during the day. The human experience, though, is explosive so even though I've been using vibrators, human experience is the best."

Sam: Does size matter?

Venus: "I've written an article and made a video about this on my blog. What I think is most important is the hardness and the quality of the erection. I think it's better to be medium sized and really rock hard like a table leg compared to big and floppy so I think I would say hardness is more important than size. Size is not enough; you have to be up for it, literally!"

Sam: These days there are robots and virtual reality technology as sex toys. What's the most futuristic technology you have tested and where do you see sex toys in the future?

Venus: "The most tech I've gone is stuff like We Vibe Sync which are toys that can work with an app. So someone can be in a different country and control it. I think there's going to be a lot more app-controlled toys, which is great. Especially also with these love eggs and apps you can use in public and have your partner be pressing your buttons on the phone and which is a lot more discreet.

"It will be good to have voice-controlled toys that recognise words like harder or softer. I've also designed my own sex toy and I want to be doing more of this in the future because reviewing all of these sex toys helps me learn a lot about my orgasmic response and about anatomy in general. It's really fascinating to learn about orgasms because they're great!"

You can check out more of Venus' work over on her blog! It definitely makes for some lively reading!

Written by Sam Howard

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