13 Reasons Why Pancake Day Is Better Than Valentine's Day

It doesn't matter whether you care about Valentine's Day or not because you will never hear the end of it until February 14th has passed. Sadly, the same courtesy is not paid to Pancake Day which is, in our opinion, one of life's greatest gifts. So here is our ode to the tastiest day of them all- an occasion which eclipses anything that Valentine's Day has to offer.

1. Because there isn't a more heavenly creation on earth than the mighty pancake.

2. Anything that revolves solely around food is infinitely better than things which do not.

3. Love is temporary. Pancakes are forever.

4. You can't drizzle your lover in honey now can you? Not without losing every ounce of dignity that you have anyway. Pancakes, on the other hand, are crying out for some of that sweet nectar.

5. There are an endless amount of combinations and recipes which make pancakes the least boring thing ever. Your boyfriend however, STILL insists on wearing that s**t "vintage" floral shirt he loves so much and you feel like you're trapped in a time warp.

6. No one can accuse you of being a 'sop' for celebrating Pancake Day. Valentine's Day, however, always runs that risk.

7. Because everyone gets to succeed at cooking for once and that is a magical thing.

8. When else do you legitimately get a chance to lob food at the ceiling and not get yelled at by your mum?

9. Speaking of which- pancake flipping competitions. Unleashing your inner gladiator every now and again is essential for mental well being. You can hardly try to out-romantic your boyfriend now can you? Well you can, but it's probably a bit of a mood killer.

10. If you aren't in a relationship, Valentine's Day rubs your nose right in it. But Pancake Day is the most inclusive occasion ever. Just beautiful.

11. After Pancake Day comes lent, which means that you have to give up everything remotely fun about your diet, which means that you can eat as many pancakes as you want today and not feel bad at all.

12. Because no relationship will ever give you the warm, fuzzy feeling that you get from demolishing a stack of pancakes.

13. It just is.

Feast my pretties, feast!

Abby Robinson

Abby is a writer for Pretty 52. She's an animation enthusiast, daydreams about roaming the wild with all her animal friends, and is failing to conquer her trainer addiction.

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