10 Signs He Is Just Not Into You

You've spent hours agonising over his texts, you've asked all your BFFs for their expert opinions and analysed every second you've spent with him. Yet, you're still clueless whether he is even interested in you. If you spot these tell-tale signs, I'm afraid you are carrying dead wood. Time to throw him overboard and move on!

1. He's still on Tinder. It can be disheartening to go on a great date, only to see that your guy has been active on Tinder, minutes after leaving your company. He's either not interested in you, or is a player. Either way - he's really not worth your time.

2. He reads your messages, but doesn't reply straight away. When it comes to the early stages of dating, there is a golden rule and that is not to reply immediately to texts. You don't want to seem needy. However, if he is rude enough to read your messages and not reply, he really doesn't give a sh*t about you, or common courtesy.

3. He doesn't use emoticons or kisses. Are you dating a man, or a robot? Emoticons are essential in the modern age dating game. His scarce use of monkey and devil emojis suggests he probably isn't attracted to you. Sorry - it's true.

4. He constantly talks about celebrities he fancies. Ok, so you may not be able to compete with Kylie Jenner, but you don't need a guy to constantly remind you of this fact! Talking about celebrities (or anyone for that matter) that he would 'bang', highlights that he has eyes away from the prize - i.e. you.

5. And his exes... RED ALERT. We all have history, but if your guy is forever taking a trip down memory lane, he probably isn't over his past bae.

6. He is always on his phone during dates. Not only is this extremely rude, it shows that he probably wishes he was with someone else, apart from you. Sob.

7. He goes in for the hug, rather than the kiss. If a guy likes you, he will show it! A 'nice hug' is a universal sign that you have been friend-zoned.

8. It's always you who is keeping the conversation alive. Relationships are a two-way street. If he goes days upon days without contact, he just isn't that bothered about you.

9. He comments on your 'flaws'. "Damn, you sure do talk a lot." The fact that he is already picking on your negative qualities, suggests that he wants out. Don't take it personally, he is just a d*ck.

10. He never has time to see you. Apart from at 2am on a Saturday when he's "bored and wants you to come over." Not only is he not into you, he's also a f*ck boy. NEXT!

Written by George Linley/ @georgelinley1

Clara Lonsdale

Clara is the Editorial Assistant at Pretty52. When she isn’t trying to create a fab third-person bio, she can be found binge-watching Pretty Little Liars, rummaging through her massive lipstick collection and drinking her body weight in caramel lattes.

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