Our given names are something we are born with. Well, pretty much anyway.

You just kind of accept it and so does everyone else. It's one of the few things we don't choose for ourselves in life. Which is pretty crazy when you think how significant it actually is.


Whilst many of us vainer types will have already looked up the origins of our names (my name means 'crown' obvs), I bet there are a bunch of you out there who haven't.

Closer have created a list of an astonishing ninety-four names that have, let's say, not quite the enlightening definition you were hoping for.


Obviously we are going to read the entire list so we can find our nearest and dearest's names on there and provide them with endless torment. But first here's a selection of more well known names that you might want to hear about...


An English version of the Latin name Aemilila, derived the word for 'rival'. Possibly one of the most popular names in our great nation. No wonder she has so many 'rivals'.


Leah has been found to have various different meanings, but in Hebrew-speaking families this name means 'tired or weary'. I bet a lot of Leah's out there can relate to that. I know I can, girl.


Supposedly means 'rebellion' or 'bitter' in Hebrew. I mean we can all be a 'bitter' b*tch sometimes so don't sweat it.


Admittedly not the most regularly occurring name, but this Hebrew name is said to mean 'night monster' or 'ghost'. Well I'm kind of glad I haven't crossed paths with a Lilith now!


Reportedly means 'lady of sorrows'. Not really the vibe you want is it.


Apparently the meaning behind this frequently used name is 'to bind', 'to tie' or 'snare'. That's some freaky sh*t Becky.


The origin of this one isn't totally obvious, but Molly means "bitter".

TBH there's probably a lot of these qualities in all of us, especially the occasional Mary.


And what about the boys?


Derived from the French "chauve", meaning "bald". Oops!


This Scottish name means "crooked nose".


A little bit of history here, this comes from the word "supplanter", which is someone who takes the rightful place of someone else. Oooh.


James is derived from Jacob, which as above also means "supplanter".


This Hebrew name (which is dead similar to Samuel, hence why we're including it) means "venom of God" or "blindness of God. Ugh, awks.

You can check out the full list here.

Words by Stephanie Shaw

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures/ThoughtCo

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