A girlfriend was left furious after finding out her fella, who'd gone to the pub for a 'quick pint', actually flew off to Ibiza.

I don't know about you, but if this was my boyfriend I would KICK. OFF.


Gareth Kelly had spent a long day helping his sister move some furniture on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently, he needed to 'let off a little steam', so he told his girlfriend, Hannah Williams, he was heading to the pub with some mates for a 'quick pint' and that he'd be home soon.

After waiting around for his return, it wasn't until around midnight that Hannah got this text.

LAD's text to girlfriend
Credit: Mercury Press

Noooo! That's the last thing you want to hear. Hannah's reaction of hoping he was messing is exactly what we'd be like tbf.

He told her that he was heading to the airport, about to hop on a plane to Ibiza to let off some more steam, and that he'd be back in three days. Naturally, Hannah was FUMING.

The 20-year-old says: "I didn't believe him. I FaceTimed him to see where he was and who he was with - he was just laughing at me in the back of the taxi and telling me he was going to Ibiza.

Quick decision lets LAD go to Ibiza
Credit: Mercury Press

"I genuinely thought he was taking the piss, just being a clown like he always is. He does normally go for a couple of drinks in the pub at the weekend but never ends up flying to Ibiza."

Gareth had missed the last flight that night from Cardiff, so travelled to Bristol to hop on a plane that wouldn't land in the Spanish party island until 6.30am on Monday. At the same time, the 30-year-old also had to tell his boss that he wasn't going to be in work.

Credit: Mercury Press

Hannah says: "He is the only person that could get away with it, especially dropping work for five days. He just text his boss to say he'll be away and they were fine with it - he could get away with anything.

LAD goes to Ibiza
Credit: Mercury Press

"He does some crazy stuff sometimes. He's a lunatic. He doesn't take much convincing to do things, he just goes along with stuff that people suggest to him."

The support worker says that she's cool with Gareth's sudden decision and is trying not to get jealous of all the Snapchats that he's sending her from poolside in Ibiza.

She says she's also planning on getting even once he's back. We got your back, girl.

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