More often than not these days, people just can't handle rejection, especially when it comes to dating. We see countless stories about men and women and their outrageous responses to being dumped, but we're continually shocked by how often it happens.

We thought we'd seen it all, but when Sarah* got in contact to share her story with us, we found we were mistaken. A guy she'd spoken to a few times on Tinder lost his sh*t when she said she didn't want to meet up anymore.

She told us,

I met him on Tinder and had been talking to him for only a couple of days. He was desperate for me to arrange a night in a hotel room so alarm bells started to ring then. The conversations we were having weren't particularly interesting but I thought I should give him a chance. However, I was getting annoyed by his constant calling me babe, his lack of vocab and his negative messages about work.

Our conversations were basically him telling me he has been playing on FIFA and thank God he's finished work or how he was dreading to go to work...yawn!

Anyway I didn't reply to one of his messages yesterday as I was busy and got a message at 3am trying to make a joke out of me not messaging him back. That was the nail in the coffin for me as it's supposed to be us girls that are "psychos" so i sent my message and that is what I got in return...

He then proceeded to tell her "the truth", and called her fat. Real mature. What a catch!

Because threatening people is a great way to ensure you get a second date...

Thankfully he did realise the error of his ways after he'd calmed down, and sent over a half arsed apology, but jeez man, CHILL OUT!

*Name changed to protect the sender's identity

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Jade Moscrop

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