This Girl Got Turned Pink After Some LUSH Products Went A Bit Wrong

We love LUSH. Like, when we came to write this article, we had a full ten minute conversation about how much we all love LUSH.

We love the smell, we love how friendly all their staff are, we love how we always slightly want to eat the products, we love their ethical stance, we love how they don't test on animals, we love how they make our skin feel, we just love LUSH, ok?

But thanks to a Twitter user called Abi, we're now a little bit terrified of LUSH. Because it seems they somehow turned Abi completely pink...

Hot damn! Her tweet's managed to go viral over the past few days, and we can see why.

Originally, Abby didn't reveal exactly what caused her to turn bright pink, but various fellow Twitter users started speculating on what could have caused the radical change in pigment.

And yes, LUSH have responded in the most LUSH way possible:

Oh LUSH! You used the word 'yikes' - how could we stay mad at you?

***Update*** Abi got in touch and let us know that she's okay and thankfully she's no longer pink! She commented on our original posting of this article to clear things up:

The product used was called 'Razzle Dazzle' and it is not a bath bomb! The correct procedure is that you are supposed to dilute it into water but I thought it was a soap and rubbed it all over my body and face (explains why my hair is dry) 3 days + several baths later I am no longer pink! I misused this product! I love LUSH and will still continue to shop there. It's just a shame that I wasn't told how to correctly use the product when purchasing! A very helpful friend of mine works at Lush and helped me remove all the pink stain with lemon juice, olive oil + a gritty face wash!

Well, we're glad Abi doesn't have to walk around like a human version of the Pink Panther anymore but we still find the whole situation pretty funny!

What about you, dear readers? Have you ever been dyed pink (or any other colour) by an unlikely product? Let us know in the comments!

Jack Rear

Jack is a writer at Pretty52. His hobbies include charging admission at weddings and eating glitter. Rumour has it he was thrown out of Taylor Swift's squad for showing too much belly button.

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