Picking a name for your child is no easy task. After all, they're going to be stuck with it forever. There are a lot of things to consider.

Do you want to opt for a classic, traditional name, for example? Or get creative and go for something a little bit different and unique?

Earlier this week, Bradley Cooper and his stunning girlfriend Irina Shayk announced they had welcomed their first child into the world, a daughter who they named Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper.

Credit: PA.

By dropping the H on the traditional name 'Leah', they've managed to go from choosing the 43rd most popular name of 2017, to the 464th most popular name. Pretty cool, huh?

But the celebrity couple aren't the only ones opting for a unique name in favour of a popular one.

However, some of these anonymous parents choices are a bit more 'out there' and so are their reasons for picking them.

I named my baby girl after a name I saw on a Coca Cola bottle and thought it was pretty.


I named my baby Wade after watching Deadpool.


Everyone thinks I named my son Asher because of the old testament. They have no idea I got the idea from Ash Ketchum from Pokémon.


I named my daughter Katniss so that way she knows being different isn't always bad. And so she will always be strong no matter what.


Yes I named my son Lucifer. No I don't know if he's the antichrist. Of course I would support him if he was.


I named my baby boy Maximus because I love the movie 'Gladiator'. No regrets. I think it's a strong name and he'll wear it proudly.


I named my daughter Wednesday after Wednesday Adams.

Would you be brave enough to opt for one of these?!

Sian Broderick

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