If there's one thing that watching far too many episodes of Don't Tell The Bride has taught us, it's that if there's one wedding detail that you absolutely must not forget, it's the flowers.

The humble wedding accessories may not be quite as big a deal as the dress or the suit or the shoes or the reception, in fact, on the aforementioned show they get forgotten more than any other detail. But flowers are important because they can tie a whole wedding together and a nice bunch can cover up all kinds of other wedding mistakes.

And it seems that a very specific kind of plant is going to be the in thing at weddings in 2017. Pantone have selected 'Greenery' as the Colour Of The Year for 2017 (yeah, we know, greenery isn't really a colour) and it's expected that it'll invade weddings as brides and grooms around the world flock to fill their big days with as much greenery as they can physically manage.

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Sara Gordan, Brand and Creative Director at Bloom & Wild spoke to Her.ie to explain how best to serve up that greenery realness on your big day and she says these are the plants we should expect to see more of at weddings this year:

We're seeing more foliage like green bell, ferns, bupleurum and delicate flowers set amongst them like scabiosa and spray Veronica.

Credit: Pexels

Sara also claims that it's a great way for brides to save money in the lead up to their big day, explaining that plenty of bridal parties are enjoying foliage arranging classes the day before their wedding to make all the bouquets and flowers for the service:

Foliage is a really simple look to pull off for a DIY wedding as you can easily style these stems in a really chic, undone way.
Ferns also make great table centrepieces and gifts to take home. They're also a symbol of grace and sincerity, how lovely is that?

Credit: Pexels

Sounds beautiful if you ask us!

And the best part is that these foliage displays would definitely tie together with some of our other favourite wedding trends including the colourful airbrushed dress and the truly beautiful doughnut wall display.

What do you think? Would you be tempted to decorate your wedding with a bit of foliage? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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