We all have that one forgetful friend, who never remembers your birthday and you have to tell them same story over and over again.

Oh, and if you can't think of that friend, then it is probably you.


Well here's a little piece of good news if you do fall into that category. New research shows that forgetful people tend to be more intelligent in their decision-making, which kind of goes against the stereotype that we've previously been led to believe.

Maybe Lucy from 50 First dates was better off after all...

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Two researchers from the University of Torronto, Blake Richards and Paul Frankland, say that our memory is mostly used in decision making and therefore the ability to hold on to valuable information and let go of all the rest encourages us to make better decisions. This allows us to focus on what really matters.

Interesting. Is that why I forgot to post that letter for my mum?


A study on mice found that when new brain cells are formed in the hippocampus, all the old memories and connections are overwritten.

Blake Richards said: "It's important that the brain forgets irrelevant details and instead focuses on the stuff that's going to help make decisions in the real world.

"We know that exercise increases the number of neurons in the hippocampus, but they're exactly those details from your life that don't actually matter, and that may be keeping you from making good decisions."

So it really is possible to fill your brain. I best clear some space!

At least Rhianna has the right idea.


Next time your flatmate tells you off for not taking the bins out, tell them your brain was too busy just remembering the important stuff. That's bound to work.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and started her career in regional newspapers before joining the team in 2017. Contact her on emma.rosemurgey@pretty52.com

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