You always show courage against evil, loyalty towards your friends and kindness to everyone you meet - like any true Gryffindor should!

1. You really, really love your pets. - Remember when Ron was fiercely protective over Scabbers?

2. And you have the best family. - Who often welcome in your friends as though they were your siblings.

3. But that kind of impacted your fashion sense. - From knitted jumpers and hand-me-downs, you weren't exactly the most stylish of people...

4. You sometimes have no clue what's going on. - But that's OK, because you're pretty adorable anyway.

5. But you are incredibly brave. - Even though you might get scared sometimes, you always face your fears.

6. You're always, always, always hungry. - Seriously, nothing can ever fill you.

7. In fact, you've been known to leave a club early just so you can get some food. - If only your local place served up something like a Hogwarts' feast.

8. You have the best catchphrases. - You're a bit of a joker, really.

9. And a brilliant sense of humour. - Your friends can always count on you to cheer them up, and make them laugh.

10. You're absolutely terrified of spiders. - And quite rightly so! Like Ron said "why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies?'

11. You maybe weren't the best when it came to school. - While you definitely weren't the worst, you probably could have tried a bit harder.

12. You have a way with the opposite sex. - Yep, you know the difference between your LeviOsa and your LeviosA!

13. You're really loyal. - Your friends won't catch you talking behind their backs, just like Ron never betrayed Harry's trust.

14. But you'd do pretty much anything for your friends, life-sized chess games, wear a horcrux, you name it. - You are a Gryffindor after all!

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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