Woman Writes Powerful Job Rejection Letter After Brutal Interview

When graduate Olivia Bland attended a second interview for a Communications Assistant role at Oldham-based company, Web Applications UK, she was so humiliated by the CEO's comments that she was unable to accept the job when offered it.

She posted her job rejection email on Twitter on Tuesday, which explained why and it has since gone viral on Twitter.

Credit: Instagram/Olivia Bland
Credit: Instagram/Olivia Bland

Olivia wrote: "Yesterday morning I had a job interview for a position at a company called Web Applications UK. After a brutal 2 hour interview, in which the CEO Craig Dean tore both me and my writing to shreds (and called me an underachiever), I was offered the job. This was my response today."

In her letter, Olivia explained that nobody should be left "feeling so upset that they cry at the bus stop" and described her interviewer, the company's CEO Craig Dean, as "a man who tries his best to intimidate and assert power over a young woman".

Olivia says he did this by "attacking young women, calling them underachievers, and making them visibly uncomfortable" in front of other people who "have no part in the interview process, just to heighten the feelings of power he gets over someone else's humiliation".

She likened the interview to an abusive relationship claiming the CEO offered her the job and its "perks" like her partner offered presents to apologise.

Her response has received over 96k likes and 29k retweets at the time of writing.

And comments suggest a lot of the people who saw it could relate.

One said: "So sorry you had to experience someone's ego like that. You made absolutely the right decision in both declining the offer and exposing his unhealthy and inappropriate behaviour. Hats off to you x"

While another tweeted: "Good for you. A job is a two-way thing. A job offer isn't a present from them to you. Your talent is a present to them and it's clear they wouldn't appreciate it at all."

Although she had asked the CEO not to respond she tweeted later that day:

Following her request for a response the CEO came back with the following on Wednesday:

Her response to his apology was blunt:

The company also issued a response to which she replied:

Olivia has since posted her CV on Twitter and is currently still seeking employment at the time of writing.

Pretty52 has reached out to Web Applications UK for comment but had no response at the time of publication.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram, Twitter/Olivia Bland

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