I don't know about you, but sitting bath without incoperating a bath bomb just feels wrong to me now.

There's nothing better than a relaxing soak in the tub while binge watching the new GoT series, and now there's the perfect bath time treat to help you do just that!

Family-run business, Soaprise.me, have launched their very own glittery 'Dragons Egg' bath bombs, and they look amazing.


The HUGE bath fizzer looks like it's just rolled off the Game of Thrones set, and we need it. Now.

Credit: Soaprise.me

On their website, they caption the product: "These huge egg shaped bath bombs contain glitter to add a magical sparkle to your bath water - They look like real dragon eggs!"

Of course, these don't hatch into small fire breathing monsters, but instead release a wonderful aroma. They contain shea butter and are free from parabens. The company also claims that the glitter washes from the tub easily, meaning there won't be any nagging from your mum.


The Game of Thrones inspired bath bombs are priced at just £3.20. Bargain! You get free delivery if you spend over £15, and lets face it, with their incredible selection of soaps and bath products, we'll probably spend wayyyyy over £15.

Not only are these good for your skin, the Soaprise.me website assures you that all their products are eco and animal friendly and only use recycled packaging. They're even trying to make sure that ALL their products are vegan friendly by September, so you can relax guilt free!

If dragons are not your thing but you still want to dive into a magical fantasy land, they have unicorn bath bombs too. Major heart eyes.

Credit: Soaprise.me

Just look at all of the glitter! We're going to be shining and shimmering for days.

Lush also have Harry Potter jelly bath bombs if you want something even more magical:

Credit: Lush/Youtube/All Things Lush

BRB going to run the bath.

Words: Lily Houston

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