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20 Thoughts Every Girl Has When They're Trying To Be Healthy

20 Thoughts Every Girl Has When They're Trying To Be Healthy

Sometimes we all get to a point in life where we feel like we need to lose a little bit of weight, start exercising more and just be really healthy in general. But why do burgers, pizza, cupcakes, wine (aka everything good in life) have to come with a high calorie content, while kale *shudders* and all the tasteless foods are basically fat free?



1. You wake up on day one of your brand new health kick and believe you're going to ace it.

In order to look your best, you've got to cut back on a few of life's pleasures. Eating healthily for a while will not kill you and it'll be better for you in the long run *prays for strength*.

2. So you buy in all the healthy foods to make recipes you've seen all over Instagram from bloggers whose figure you envy.

Surely it can't be that hard to make a cauliflower based pizza? (WAIT, where is the dough?! Where is the bread!?)

food kim kardashian eating mean girls losing weightfood kim kardashian eating mean girls losing weight


3. But it's okay, no need to panic. You're going to be the epitome of health, and carbs aren't everything.

Although you're inner voice is telling you otherwise.

4. You decide to have a banana and a yoghurt for breakfast because all the recipe books tell you this is a fantastic way to start off your day.

Although your sad little Muller light with a few grapes doesn't exactly look the same as the picture.


5. Things might even get a little crazy and you decide to add some exercise into your routine.

OMG maybe you should set up your own health blog?

6. You feel ABSOLUTELY great. You've been following your strict diet for a total of six hours and you've never felt so perky.

There's no reason you should fall off the bandwagon this time, you've found a way that works for you. Screw all these fad diets, eating healthily and exercising is the way forward.

30 rock exercise workout lazy liz lemon30 rock exercise workout lazy liz lemon

7. But then day ten comes...and let's just say you're feeling a little less motivated than you were on day one.

Whyyyyyyy haven't you lost anything yet? Whyyyyyy aren't your thighs are shapely as Khloe Kardashian's? You're doing everything right.

8. It's alright though, you're just having a bad day. It's time to pick yourself up and make yourself (yet) another yummy salad for lunch.

Yum. Mmmm. Can't wait. Salad is life xoxo

healthy foodhealthy food

9. But salad is not life. Salad is so freaking boring and you're so freaking tired of eating it.

You begin to see your motivation towards being a health freak starting to wear off.

10. And those motivational quotes all the healthy people over on Instagram are doing your head in.

Shut up user 'quinoaismybestfriend' I do not care if 'nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.' I will literally throw a big fat burger at your head.

try againtry again

11. One li'l cookie won't hurt, will it?

Come to mama. You've deserved this bae.

12. CRAP. OH NO.

You've had a second cookie. You find yourself finishing the packet. You went to the dark side.

healthy foodhealthy food

13. But NO. It was just a slip up; an accident.


One of the 'cheat' days everyone keeps talking about? (Is there such a thing as a cheat week though? If not, this should be invented asap)

14. Time for more vegetables, protein. Fabulous.


foods attemptsfoods attempts

15. You're right usermquinoaismybestfriend, anything IS possible.

One slip up does not mean I'm a failure. I'll be back at the gym tonight and I can't wait for my soup consisting of pure water and one carrot for my lunch.

16. But then it all goes tits up again.

You've had a bad day at work and the only thing that will truly comfort you right now are carbs. Soft, doughy, cuddly carbs.

party drunk college drinking gossip girlparty drunk college drinking gossip girl

17. Why, oh why, do all the bad things have to taste SO good?

It's like the world is against you.

18. You've actually started to inhale the pizza you've just ordered.

Even though you've really only went about 12 days without it. Don't judge me plz.


19. And now it's gotten to a point where you've eaten too much and realise why you started this whole thing.

This usually happens when you have to unbutton your slightly too tight jeans.

20. But hey girl, it's okay. Your diet starts on Monday, right?

This is a vicious, never ending circle.


Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Topics: You, girl, Thoughts, Entertaining, Funny, Exercise, Food, Diet, Healthy

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