Everyone knows that people tend to start acting a little bit different under the influence of a few drinks. Whether you're nicer, nastier, or just way more wacky, almost everyone is a bit different in some way when they've had a few.

In an attempt to make people more able to recognise unlawful or dangerous drinking habits amongst their friends psychology researchers from the University of Missouri have published research that suggests that everyone falls into one of four categories when they get drunk.

The researchers looked at the drinking habits of 374 undergraduates, then created classifications based on pop-culture and literature references to summarize the easily identifiable traits of each group.

So, without further ado, let us walk you through the four types of drunk.

The Ernest Hemmingway:

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Hemmingway once claimed that he could 'drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk', and the Ernest Hemmingway is no different. The Hemmingway will remain sensible, polite, and focused even after a few glasses of wine. Interestingly, the study claims that the majority of drinkers fall into this category.

The Mary Poppins:


Mary Poppins was the perfect nanny, and Mary Poppins is also the perfect person to drink with. She's kind, sweet, funny, and never ever loses her temper, in many ways, alcohol improves a Mary Poppins beyond what she'd be like normally. Basically, we should all aspire to be Mary Poppins when we're drinking. If you're already a Mary Poppins then we thank you for being so lovely!

The Nutty Professor:


Every friendship group has one of these. The Nutty Professor is usually pretty quiet and reserved but when they've had a few they are ready to hit the town hard. A Nutty Professor drinker can be identified by his or her loudness, enthusiasm, and outgoing attitude after they're a little bit p*ssed.

The Mr. Hyde:

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Just like how Mr. Hyde was Doctor Jekyll's evil counterpart in Robert Louis Stevenson's classic gothic novel, a Mr. Hyde drinker can be identified through his bad behaviour. If alcohol turns you from a normal, sensible, intelligent kind of person into an angry, impolite, slobbering mess, then you're a Mr. Hyde. According to the study, you can identify a Mr. Hyde by the way that he is: 'less than average in sonscientiousness, intellect, and agreeableness when drunk.'

No one wants to get drunk with a Mr. Hyde so if you spot any traits like that in your friends, give them a good talking to (while you're sober of course) and get them to see how bad alcohol is for them.

Basically, it's important to know which one you are so that you can have a bit of self-awareness while you're drinking which will hopefully stop you getting into any scrapes!

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