Donating Old Mascara Wands Can Help Care For Baby Animals - Here's Why

What does updating your makeup bag and helping out cute little critters have in common? Turns out an animal rescue charity has started an initiative to care for small animals with just the wave of an old mascara wand.

No they aren't trying to make the little guys look even cuter (because: impossible) but The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in Western North Carolina, America, is working to rehabilitate injured small animals using recycled mascara brushes, which are just the right size to clean and care for baby animals in need.

Credit: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge
Credit: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge

According to the team at the refuge, the mascara-free mascara wands are ideal for combing through the fur and feathers of small wildlife to remove fleas, larva and fly eggs. The same bristles that separate and sweep through your lashes work brilliantly on fine coats to sweep out nasties too (but hoping you don't have too many bugs in your eyelashes).

The non-profit organisation has been able to care for fluffy duckings, chicks, rabbits and pigeons as well as other cuties thanks to the tiny, extra-gentle brushes.

Appalachian Wild's co-founder took to Facebook to kick off the appeal and urged the public to send in their used and no-longer useful mascara brushes.

The public soon turned up in their thousands, with people from 40 states across America flooding the charity with donations.

They've received more than 11,400 wands (at the time of writing) and have just started a 'Wands for Wildlife' program where the public can send in their donations.

Looking to send your old brushes somewhere a little closer to home? The New Arc Animal Rescue Centre in Aberdeenshire has recently appealed for support from your old cosmetic supplies too.

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