Once you become a fully grown, sophisticated and mature adult, chores become less of an effort and more of a pleasure, am I right?


However, if you still physically sigh and moan over the thought of doing chores, you may be persuaded to even make the odd bed once you hear about this mother's trick to motivate her children to do the household errands

As parents are rightfully getting worried about their kids spending more and more time on the internet, this American mother has used a clever trick to force her kids to do their bit in tidying and cleaning their home, before they get carried away on social media!


This genius mum has used the power of the internet to encourage her kids to get busy with the chores. Before they're up in the mornings, she changes the WiFi password and only reveals what it is once they've finished the housework! This means that until her children have completed the tasks of the day, they will not be able to go online and waste time. The post appeared on Imgur, and quickly went viral. You've got to admit, although the idea of changing the WiFi every morning may seem a bit much, it's an efficient way of getting the daily housework done as quickly as possible!

Written by Isabelle Gardiner-Smith

Image Credit: Imgur/Pixabay

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