If only our normal everyday lives were like those of a celebrity. Flying all over the world, sailing your yacht round the Bahamas, and having a make-up artist by your side 24/7. Life would be oh so glamorous.

I mean...think of the Instagram posts! Think of the followers! Think of the lifestyle!

Ok, all jokes aside what we see on social media is really just a rose-coloured glass over reality. It's the best of a bad bunch, and it's hardly a true representation of their life as a whole.

And since I love a good social experiment I recreated some of the best celeb Instagram posts of 2016 because sometimes we can all take life too seriously.

P.S. Don't worry, there are no replicas of those Kim K selfies...

Life Can Be SO Hard Sometimes

Unlike VB who's face mask probably costs a nice fortune, my dad just asked me why I had tinfoil over my face...

Just Posin' With My Trainers (Because This Angle Shows Them Off Best?)

This is not a comfortable pose, Kylie J, but I do like your flooring. Also this was a hard pose to master.

I Woke Up Like This

My Seat Ibiza isn't quite the same as Drake's Mercedes...

Oh, You've Caught Me Off Guard

My leg will never be the same again. My poor, poor muscles.

Because Let's Not Lie, There's No Way Selena Would Drink Full Fat Coke

Diet Coke is where it's at (plus, it's all I had in my house and Coca Cola aren't sponsoring me like they did Selena.)

How Everyday Should Be Started

No-one should wake up this glam for their first cup of coffee. No-one.

A Classic Mom/Mum Selfie

The amount of parties my mum has hosted over this festive season, she genuinely does believe she's on her way to being Kris Jenner.

No Pain No Gain

I'm with you on this one Adele, babe.

Look At All Of My Awards

Unfortunately, I am yet to win a Grammy. But I'm holding all of my Prosecco bottles which I equally treat with such care.

What I Learned:

I honestly had so much fun doing this, but let me tell you, it takes forever to get a perfect shot. I have hundreds of photos on my camera which didn't make the cut because of the angle, lighting and wrong poses, so I can only imagine how long it actually takes these celebs to nail their shots. They make it seem so effortless and 'natural' on Instagram, but after recreating then, that is most definitely not the case.

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Provided

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