A Spanish TV presenter has courted controversy by taking a pair of scissors to his female co-host's dress live on air.

Juan y Medio took the shears to the clothing of Eva Ruiz on "La Tarde, aquí y ahora", a popular Spanish show that roughly translates as "the afternoon, here and now". You wouldn't get Piers Morgan doing this in the morning, as you can see in the video.

Credit: CEN

"What's up, is she the only one that can cut?" says Juan, while wielding the scissors and pulling at his colleague's black dress. Ruiz looks a little bit apprehensive and unsure about how funny she is meant to find Juan's actions.

As he takes snips out of her skirt, she is forced to cover up to protect her modesty. Floor-hands and other workers from the show attempt to intervene, eventually forcing Juan to stop. He is separated from his co-presenter, whose dress is in tatters, by one of the producers, while Ruiz is taken off camera

TV presenter cutting dress

Credit: CEN

Juan returns and attempts to cut the neckline of the dress while other guests on the show look on in a combination of bemusement and forced laughter.

Viewers were shocked by the actions of Juan y Medio, an established comedian and TV presenter, but he claimed that the prank was a light-hearted revenge for an incident in which Eva Ruiz had cut up a pair of his trousers live on air as a response to his refusal to dance on television.

Juan described it as "a joke between co-presenters" on social media.

Dress cut

Credit: CEN

Crucially, Juan y Medio was not wearing the trousers in question when Ruiz shredded them, while Ruiz was forced to squirm away to escape both the blade and her co-host.

Spanish twitter exploded at his actions and even politicians were passing comment on the shocking scenes.

Cutting dress on TV

Credit: CEN

"What if our children find this on the public television channel in Andalusia? Would they think it is funny to do it to other girls?" wrote Teresa Rodriguez, a member of the Parliament of Andalusia for the left-wing party Podemos, who describes herself as an "anti-capitalist, trade unionist, ecologist and feminist".

The TV channel that broadcasts "La Tarde, aquí y ahora", Canal Sur, apologised, while Eva Ruiz was adamant that she knew about the joke beforehand and was not a victim in the affair.

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