Kim Kardashian Dragged By Instagram For Promoting Anti-Sickness Drug

Kim Kardashian's latest backlash from the public comes from her decision to advertise morning sickness medication on Instagram.

The post, showing Kween Kim posing with a bottle of the medication, read: "#Ad Nothing ever stopped me from being me until #morningsickness.

"You know how sick I was while pregnant; I could barely get out of bed. That was before I found a safe & effective med to treat my morning sickness when diet & lifestyle changes didn't help.

"I hear there's a new formulation of the drug combination I took that's made to work faster & longer. If you're pregnant & feeling sick & changing your diet & lifestyle doesn't work, ask your doctor about Bonjesta® (doxylamine succinate/pyridoxine HCl). Most common side effect is drowsiness. for safety info."

Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

The post went on to list a huge list of warnings, including: "Don't drive, operate heavy machinery or do other activities that need your full attention.

"Severe drowsiness can happen or become worse causing falls/accidents

"[The medication] may result in false positive urine drug screening for methadone, opiates and PCP."

Kim also includes a link the to FDA website to provide further information on the drugs.

Of course, Kim fans have had a lot to say about the paid promotion, and there wasn't a lot of positive attention on the post.

Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Responding to the post, one annoyed fan wrote: "geez morning sickness is what is supposed to happen.

"Unless your [sic] hospitalized for it and require immediate medical intervention for you and baby, which is severe but rare. I don't understand when it became normal to pop a pill for that. It's a normal unpleasant part of pregnancy.

"I don't see too many others promoting it."

Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Another complained: "KKW you need to ditch these #Ads you ain't short of a $ you know"

Discussing the use of medication when pregnant with another commenter of the post, one user said: "I'm with you! Google "Thalidomide" - a supposedly safe medication to help pregnant women with morning sickness.

"The medical community said it was safe but thousands of babies were then born with missing or severely underdeveloped limbs."


The post is quickly getting a lot of media attention, and Kim is being accused of 'selling out for a paid promotion'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

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