Spreadable Gin Exists And It's The Best Thing We're Ever Put On Sliced Bread

We all know a gin lover who can't wait for 5pm so the fun can be-gin. But why wait until happy hour when you can make breakfast time more joyous with spreadable pink gin. Breakfast just got more boujee.

Credit: Firebox
Credit: Firebox

Spread The Love - Spreadable Pink Gin is the perfect way to spread love this Thursday, 14th February 2019 aka Valentine's Day.

It's jam packed with naturally-flavoured marmalade that tastes exactly like your cocktail-hour favourite. It's handmade by award-winning marmaladiers, free from artificial colours and flavourings and vegetarian-friendly.

Credit: Firebox
Credit: Firebox

It's the newest addition to the Spreadable family, which includes spreadable G&T, Coffee, Rum, Beer, Pornstar and Whisky.

But don't just spread it on toast. You can add a healthy-sized blob to pink gin cocktails, ice cupcakes with it or even fold it through cake batter. Maybe you just want to eat it off the spoon or off your S.O's naked body? Zero judgement.

Name a better way to tempt your partner to spread 'em... we'll wait.

Spread The Love - Spreadable Pink Gin, £9.99, is available exclusively on Firebox.

Want to add a little more love to the mix? ASDA's given a breakfast classic a heart-shaped update just in time for Valentine's Day.

Credit: Firebox
Credit: Firebox

The supermarket has just launched packs of love-heart crumpets so you can really spread the love further at breakfast.

The 'hearty' crumpets are toasted until golden brown as usual, and then slathered with your topping of choice - spreadable pink gin, anyone?

"We live in a busy world and it's easy to forget the little things and romantic gestures for Valentine's Day," said the supermarket giant's bakery expert, Hannah Watson.

"Our Loveheart crumpets are an easy way for customers to show they care about their loved one on the most romantic day of the year!"

Head to ASDA's website or nip to your local supermarket (pyjamas optional) and pink up four for just £1.

Featured Image Credit: Firebox

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