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'Baby Blocker' App Means You Don't Have To See Other People's Kids On Your News Feed

In many parents' eyes, their own baby is the best thing since sliced bread, and this often means sharing a LOT of photos on social media.

But the truth is, not everyone appreciates looking at bi-hourly posts of other people's little bundles of joy; in fact, some can find it positively infuriating.

If that sounds like you, a new app that will banish all baby-related content from your newsfeed could be the solution.


The 'Baby Blocker' promises to acts as your a 'social media contraceptive,' filtering out any posts containing babies from your Facebook.

Credit: Skyn
Credit: Skyn

A spokesperson for Condom company Skyn, who launched the app, says the technology will ensure you "never see a snotty face on your Facebook again."

Instead, the blocker will replace tots with "images that you're interested in".

It works by automatically reviewing the composition of each image uploaded to Facebook and judging if it contains baby content by identifying elements such as 'three people', 'people smiling', or 'baby'.

If a baby is detected, the HTML of the Facebook page will be altered, blocking the image and replacing it with something you prefer.


While it's not clear how the app can identify what you're into instead (after all, we're not all obsessed with cars and football), it could be a game-changer for those who don't like poring over endless baby pictures.

Skyn said: "Are parents sharing every giggle, playtime and din-dins on your Facebook? Is it driving you crazy? Download the Baby Blocker. Your social media contraceptive. It blocks baby pics on your newsfeed and replaces them with better images."

Credit: Skyn
Credit: Skyn

Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles, the company behind Skyn, added: "Everyone shares in the joy of the arrival of a famous baby and relish seeing the images released across social channels.

"On average, parents share 1,500 pictures of their little darlings from the moment they arrive to the age of five, which for some people might be a little bit too much.

"The Baby Blocker was created for them: a simple and fun way to swap baby photos in your feed for images of other things you might like."

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, just search 'Baby Blocker' extension on the Google Chrome web store and download it. Easy peasy.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/ Daniel Reche

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