Remember when your packed lunch was pretty much the highlight of your school day? Your mum would routinely make it for you, so there was always that exciting element of surprise. Not to mention on a Friday when you were allowed a 'special treat'. They were the bomb, and they totally gave you street cred. The cooler your lunch, the cooler you were.

Sitting here looking disappointingly at our supermarket meal deals, we thought why not take a look at some of our fave '90s packed lunch delights...


Ba ba ba ba babybel. This rubbery circular cheese is kind of weird when you think about it (I mean was it even real cheese?). But its compact size meant you could take it anywhere. The perfect addition to any lunchbox.


Credit: Babybel


Who knew that eating a yogurt without a spoon could be so much more fun! God knows why they would give these to kids as they came with 100% guarantee of mess. Either way, we loved squeezing them to get the goods.


Credit: yoplait

Billy Bear Ham

The ham sandwich was a solid staple in any child's diet. Billy Bear ham took our butty game to the next level. A total dinner winner. Although we're still a bit dubious about what it actually contains. Either way it's adorable.

Billy Bear

Credit: Buzzfeed

Dairylea Dunkers

Us kids loved a good interactive element to our lunchbox. That's why Dairylea Dunkers were so much fun. For real. You can't beat the simple pleasure of dunking bread sticks in cream cheese. Slam dunk.


Pringles Pop Box

So they were probably our parents way of using portion control so we didn't eat a whole tin of Pringles. Or maybe just a more compact way of fitting everything in our lunch tins. Anyhow pop boxes were THE coolest way to carry these salty snacks. Both stylish and efficient.


Credit: Pinterest

Jaffa Cake Minis

Miniatures were obviously a dream for parents as they fit easily into their childs lunch containers. Jaffa Cakes Minis were no exception and boy did we love them.

Jaffa Cakes

Credit: Tesco

Dairylea Lunchables

These had to be amongst the coolest of snack-box fillers. There was something majorly satisfying about the different sections and the freedom to stack each ingredient in whatever way you wanted. Who knew we could produce such works of art?


Credit: Tesco

Cadbury Mini Animals

One way to make anything more exciting for a kid? Turn it into an animal! These were basically mini biscuits dipped in chocolate. Oh and did I mention they are shaped like animals?

Animal Biscuits

Credit: Tesco


This product was another solid member of the rubbery dairy family. Oh how we enjoyed pulling off those stringy strands of cheese. I mean we didn't even need to eat them as far as we were concerned.

Credit: DailyMail

McVities Penguin

P..P..P...Pick up a Penguin. These were the ultimate showstopper in the dinner hall. What better way to impress your peers than with a classic Penguin Joke. Not to mention these were a solid Friday treat for the masses. Lunchbox gold.


Credit: StyleCaster

I don't know about you but I'm heading straight to my local supermarket to raid the snack isle and get me some nostalgia in a packet.


Written by by Stephanie Shaw

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest

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