There aren't many things that can make me completely stop what I'm doing and get my purse out.

I'm so stingy with money, but my Lord, when I heard about this I had to immediately apologise to my flatmate that I wouldn't be paying the WiFi bill this month.


So, my prayers have been answered, as Firebox are selling a kit that can literally turn water into prosecco, and just like Jesus Christ, you can send a sign of glory to all of your BFFs with this home kit.

Credit: Firebox

On the website it says:

  • Everything you need to make your own premium fizz
  • Fresh and crisp flavour with delicate citrus notes
  • Ready to share with your pals in just 14 days
  • Delicious, hand-crafted sparkling wine with none of the hassle

The only downside is that the kit costs £19.99, which obviously is a lot more expensive than just popping to the shop and grabbing the nearest bottle. However, I know there is definitely some of you creative people out there that like a challenge, so this will be right up your street. You could even use it to show off to your friends at dinner parties that YOU quite literally turned water into wine. I think that's a pretty good conversation starter.

Credit: Firebox / Victors Drinks

The concept has been created by company Victors Drinks who have an actual collection of drinks you can make yourself. These include brew kits for pear cider, apple cider, etc. The list goes on...

Imagine chilling with your friends at a BBQ, and cracking open a can of your very own brewed Mixed Berry cider. You'd literally be the coolest person there, unless someone turned up in a Bentley and then maybe you'd be de-throned.

If you fancy becoming the Prosecco queen of the world, you can buy your kit here.

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