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You Can Now Get A Crème Egg-Flavoured Frappuccino In Starbucks

From the legendary Peach Cobbler and S'mores, to the myth-made-reality that is Pink Drink, Starbucks Secret Menu is the stuff of caffeinated dreams.

But while it had a moment in 2014, there are now rumours flying again that there's a new Starbucks Secret drink that's arrived just in time for Easter - the Cadbury Crème-flavored Frappuccino.

Credit: Megan Schaltegger
Credit: Megan Schaltegger


Chocolatey, creamy and sweet, it all sounds too good to be true, but is it? The Starbucks Secret Menu website is run by fans and not the caffeine giant itself. So it could just be a sweet dream.

But while Delish reported that baristas initially appeared clueless when the Easter treat was ordered - it was in fact possible to make the drink if your local branch has the right ingredients.

And who knows - if enough of us get involved maybe, like the Pink Drink, the myth will become reality.

So what should you ask for? First request a Java Chip Frappuccino then add Frappuccino Roast (one pump for tall, two for grande and three for venti). Next add vanilla syrup (one pump for tall, one and a half pumps for grande, two pumps for venti).


Of course it needs caramel syrup (half a pump for a tall or grande, one pump for venti and one and a half for venti) and finally vanilla bean powder (two scoops for tall, three for grande and four for venti).

So is really like sticking a straw in a Crème Egg? Apparently the creamy texture isn't quite there but it tastes pretty great. Are you going to be giving it a go?

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Megan Schaltegger

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