Hellmann's Is Finally Launching A Vegan Mayo In The UK

Just a few years ago, being vegetarian meant your meals mostly had to consist of a salad or maybe a Quorn burger if you were lucky. But now, even the most hardcore of vegans can enjoy full, nutritious, properly tasty meals both at home and out of the house.

Steaks, pizzas, ice cream, pasta...anything a vegan might have once thought they were missing out on by going cruelty-free is now readily available both in restaurants and on the shelves.

Until now, it's been hard to get big brand names on board. While niche veggie and vegan-specific companies like V-Bites and Follow Your Heart have been making burgers and sauces for years, they can be hard to come by in major supermarkets.

Keen to make that fight easy, Hellmann's brought out a vegan version of their well-loved mayonnaise in the US a couple of years ago - and now, it's coming to the UK.

Mayo has traditionally been a difficult thing to replicate, considering its main ingredient (of very few) is...egg. But Hellmann's have swapped out the non-vegan friendly egg for maize starch, a plant-based substitute, that is apparently just as tasty and has the same properties.

Jon Walbancke, marketing director for sauces and condiments at Unilever, told The Grocer "to continue to appeal to new shoppers, we are actively investing in key consumer triggers, which is why we are introducing a mayonnaise that taps into the vegan dietary trend".

This is all great news for vegans (and aspiring or part time vegans) everywhere, but to test whether that maize starch really does its job, you're going to have to wait til next month for the mayo to hit the shelves.


However, if Hellmann's history tells us anything, it's going to be perfect - and we're going to have to stock up!

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