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This Is Not A Drill: White Chocolate Twixes Have Arrived In The UK

Consider this a public service announcement: full-size white chocolate Twixes have been spotted on sale in the UK this month.

A shortbread and caramel bar smothered in white chocolate - they were previously only available in the US or overseas in America. You might have seen the pale version of the chocolately treat on UK shelves a few months ago - but they were limited edition and in miniature form - not cool.


But it seems this is the real deal.

Liverpool-based Instagram account InstaFoodieTwins, posted about their supermarket find, captioning the picture: "Look what's now available in @asda."

The post exploded with one user claiming: "Looks like I'm going to ASDA from now on"

Another Instagrammer joked: "I'M TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT GODAMMIT."


One person commented: "THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE A JOKE. I'm going to find them and destroy them alllllllllll."

Some had already popped out to try the new Twix and gave it the thumbs up: "Had this today! Mmmmmmm.

A spokesperson for Mars said in an interview our brother site LADbible: "We are always exploring fun new ways for consumers to enjoy their favourite products.

"White Twix was a limited-edition version of the iconic brand, however we've listened to the fantastic feedback and have now decided to roll out the product on a permanent basis."

The white chocolate bars were originally launched in the US after they proved to be a during after a trial release release, but there were no plans to go global.

The limited-edition miniature versions were then released in the UK. The influencers behind the InstaFoodieTwins said: "Limited Edition Twix White @twix @poundstretcher Probably one of the best candy bars you can get! White chocolate and caramel together is the dream team. Also insane when heated up as it makes the bar all soft and gooey."

A Twix White Single are available in store or online at ASDA has an RRP of 61p, while the nine-packs have an RRP of £1.75.

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