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This Beautiful, Beautiful Machine Will Turn Your Favourite Fruit Into Alcohol

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Welcome to the future, friends.

Gone are the boring old days where you had to eat fruit and y'know chew it like a common wench. And forget about shoving all that fruit in a blender and making smoothies? What are you, a goblin? Sod that.

You're living in 2017 now, folks, so now it's time to get your hands on an Alchema, a miraculous machine that has the incredible ability to transform fruit into a delicious cider at the press of a button. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, literally.

Unfortunately the Alchema doesn't actually exist yet, it's part of a Kickstarter campaign that is currently seeking funding. You'll need to donate $299 (£245.75) if you want to get your hands on one but there are more deals the more you pay.

Credit: Alchema

When you get your machine, you simply add fruit, water, yeast and sugar and then press the button. In one to two weeks you'll have a fresh batch of homemade cider ready to drink. Delicious.

Even better, the Alchema can make wine if you have access to wine grapes and a tonne of patience. It takes 16 weeks for that though, and you could make 8 batches of cider in that time!

The machine can make three bottles of wine at a time, which is plenty to last you while the next batch is getting cooked up! Perfect!

What do you reckon? Do you think you could find a way to use this incredible contraption?

We've already put it on our Christmas 2017 wishlist!

You can preorder it here.

Featured Image Credit: Alchema

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