​These Wine Kegs Hold The Equivalent Of 26 Bottles

Sharing a bottle of wine with friends is one of life's greatest pleasures - the only downside is that it's usually over far too soon. Sometimes it feels like you've had about two sips and before you know it, the bottle's empty.

Sure, you could move onto a box, but for some reason those often fall victim to a bit of side-eye from the wine evanglists. Ugh.

Well, now there's something to blow that all out of the water, and that's a wine keg. We repeat: WINE KEG.


Bridge Lane Wines is the company we need to thank for such ingenuity, having come up with a pretty sweet way of storing the large quantities of wine that we all know and want.

Each keg contains a delicious 19.5 litres of wine - the equivalent of 26 bottles or 130 glasses. Be still my beating heart.

There are lots of options, too, as you can get kegs filled with five different varieties of wine: a dry rosé, a red blend, a white Merlot, an unoaked Chardonnay and a good ol' Sauvy B.

The website for the Long Island-based winery explains that the Chardonnay displays 'bright aromas of stone fruit and green apple', while the Sauvignon Blanc is 'footloose and fancy free with flavours of citrus, grapefruit and freshly cut grass'.

Credit: Bridge Lane Wines
Credit: Bridge Lane Wines

The rosé, meanwhile, provides notes of 'guava and peach blossom followed by flavours of strawberry and watermelon', which sounds absolutely bloody delicious - and perfect for a summer drinking sesh with your besties.

We'll take one of each, ta.

The website also explains that the kegs are also recyclable, which is great news.

"Behold the Bridge Lane Keg! Our kegs hold the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine, and are super easy to use and recycle," the site reads.

"No need to return the keg after using - just add to your recycling bin!"

Credit: Bridge Lane Wines
Credit: Bridge Lane Wines

You can open the keg using a standard beer keg tap, or if you don't have one of those you can also snap up a tap from the Bridge Lane website.

The kegs - which are an impressive 23 inches tall, 11 inches in diameter and weigh 49 pounds - will keep for up to six months unopened. Once they've been opened up they'll last for a further two days with a keg tap (or for a couple of months if you have a kegerator and a gas line attached, but no one has all that in their home).

Each keg costs $240 (£179), which may sound expensive, but when you realise that this works out as around £6.87 a bottle and £1.38 a glass, it kind of seems like a no-brainer.

Obviously if you're not in the States you may not want to fork out for the postage fees, but fingers crossed this wizardry rolls out to wineries elsewhere.

Featured Image Credit: Bridge Lane Wines

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