There’s Now A Bottomless Espresso Martini Brunch In London

Our love for espresso martinis and bottomless brunches knows no bounds, so imagine our joy to hear about a place that combines our two obsessions: Tanner & Co, in London's Bermondsey.

The quirky restaurant and bar, housed in an old warehouse, has a great selection of food and drink throughout the week, including Sunday roasts and artisanal, inventive cocktails.

Naturally, however, we were most excited to hear about the bottomless brunch option.

Alongside decadent main dishes like beef, bacon and cheddar burgers, avocado sourdough and fancy kebabs, there are also yum desserts like warm chocolate and nut brownies.

However, what really piqued our interest was the bottomless drinks section.

Alongside the more commonplace fizz, wine, cider, beer and Bloody Mary options is the option to have bottomless espresso martinis. Dreamy.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

It's been a pretty great year for lovers of espresso martinis, with this bottomless brunch just one way to experience your favourite drink.

Earlier this year, we reported on an espresso martini festival pop-up, which took place across a range of bars all over London.

Then there was also the Espresso Martini Society, which came to London in the April.

For six weeks, Londoners could enjoy sampling cocktails from the world's biggest espresso martini menu, with a whopping 20 different variations to try.

Then just two weeks ago, we rejoiced when we heard we wouldn't even have to leave the house to try a delicious espresso martini, as Ocado is now selling one-litre bottles of the pre-made cocktail.

The website's official description reads: "Tails Espresso Martini is a silky blend of vodka, coffee liqueur and aromatic arabica coffee. It's rich, creamy and indulgent, delivering a perfect sophisticated cocktail experience.

"It is thought that this cocktail was created by Dick Bradsell in 1983 while at the Brasserie Soho in London.

"Each 1L bottle will make 8 fantastic Espresso Martinis. Simply shake with ice in a cocktail shaker for 10 seconds, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish simply with 3 coffee beans."

Thinking of heading down to try the bottomless brunch? It costs £40 on Saturdays and £35 on Sundays, and you can book here.

Words by: Deborah Cicurel

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Tanner & Co/Pixabay

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