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There's An All You Can Eat Cheese Party Coming To The UK

There are two people in this world: one who would choose a dessert after a meal, and one who would choose a cheese board. If you fall in the latter category (*cough*, the correct category) then you better mark 20th May in your diary as there's an actual all-you-can-eat cheese party happening.

Yes, Homage2Fromage is the monthly cheese club that's expanding at a rapid pace, starting in Leeds and since moving to Sheffield, Harrogate and most recently opening at locations in Manchester. People just can't get enough of the cheese.


Held in different venues across the cities, the cheese club invites fans to come and hang out with like-minded people, hear from guest speakers who are experts on cheese, play cheese-focused games and, the part you were all waiting for: eat as much cheese as your heart desires.

Each week is themed (i.e. cheddar, blue and regional cheeses) and the spread includes an extensive choice of accompaniments including chutneys, pickles, crackers, wine and more. Just stop.

Nick, co-founder of the company with Vickie, explains the run-down of events on the website: "Once you have been checked in, you can take a look around the room - cheese is laid out and numbered (not named) and you can feel free to take some pictures, find somewhere to sit and discuss the forthcoming fromage!

"As soon as we are all in, Vickie and I will call 'CHEESE!' This is your signal to tuck in, Help yourself to a piece or portion of each cheese, there will be crackers, bread and chutney, fruit and all kinds of accompaniments. Really, help yourself..."

Well, if you insist, Nick.


He adds: "Try to remember the numbers - after enough time to enjoy the cheese we do a little presentation where we tell you what each cheese is, chat about each cheese, ask for your feedback, and give you some notes..."

OMG we literally could not be signing up fast enough.

If you're keen, the next event is being held at Pie & Ale at Off Lever Street in Manchester on 20th May 2019 - and tickets will set you back £15.

It's not yet known if Homage2Fromage will be making its way down south, but by the sounds of the event, we're sure the demand will be there.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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