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There's A Chip Shop Deep-Frying Creme Eggs And We're Game

Only the brave and the bold will survive in this dark and unforgiving world, and one chip shop right here in the UK is stepping up to the plate.

Simpson's Fish and Chip Shop, in Cheltenham (voted UK's No. 1 Fish & Chips Takeaway 2016), is deep-frying Creme Eggs and damn, they look G.O.O.D.


Available until 17th April, all of the proceeds will go towards the British Hen Welfare Trust, who rescue and re-home hens destined for slaughter, which basically means that it's your duty to chow down on a deep-fried Creme Egg.

James, we're on our way!


Or if you're really not feeling chocolate smothered in batter, perhaps a solid cheese Easter egg, courtesy of So Wrong It's Nom, will take your fancy.

Credit: Credit: So Wrong It's Nom

You know you want to.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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