As we get older, advent calendars lose their sparkle. The first few days of December are exciting, because having chocolate every morning makes you feel like a kid again, but by the fourth day you begin to forget and it's gets pretty boring.

There needs to be a way to spruce up opening the doors every morning. Maybe put a picture of Tom Hardy on every window? Just a thought.

Ginvent may have an even better idea than that though. The company has given us the ability to make the lead up to Christmas more exciting, by, yep, you guessed it, giving us a gin advent calendar. YAY!

Credit: Ginvent

The stress of working around the festive season can now be made just slightly easier by having a gin every morning. I don't care if it's made for the evening or whenever, I'll have nobody telling me that gin isn't acceptable in the early hours.

It will cost you a fair bit, £125 in fact, but you do get a variation of the wonderful drink. There'll be a range of "London Dry to Old Tom, to Navy strength, Fruit infused and so on" according to Ginvent.

For the rather hefty price, you could of course just buy a few bottles of gin and have a few swigs on the way to work. However, with the calendar, you can actually mask your possible alcoholism quite well. Win/win.

Credit: Ginvent

Bring on the gin!

H/T: TheLADbible.

Featured image credit: Ginvent

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