The 'Food Cubby' Is Ideal For People Who Hate Their Food Touching On Their Plate

Avoiding walking over triple grates on the pavement, hating olives with a deep and burning loathing that few can understand and only being able to sleep when the wardrobe door is shut (because, you know: monsters) - we all have our quirks. One embarrassing quirk you're expected to grow out of is a disgust at different food types touching on your plate. But this gadget is here to take the embarrassment and the "ew" out of dinner time for those who have that particular idiosyncrasy.

If you're not a fan of your peas touching your protein and your protein coming into contact with your pasta, this food-safe silicone "food cubby" is here to save the day (and, quite possibly your appetite and/or sanity).

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

The food separator is Amazon's choice for the best food separator on their website (there are about 13 pages worth of similar products to browse through on the site, so yeh, it's definitely a thing).

But 'The Food Cubby' stands above all others boasting almost 70 reviews - most of them 5-star - and calls itself the "ORIGINAL Food Cubby food divider, invented by a kid."

Pretty much all of the reviews are from concerned parents and family members trying to coax a picky kid to eat - with most saying the product had proved successful.

One happy shopper commented: "This is the slickest little idea for serving meals to kids on "grown up" plates. I am impressed at how easily and firmly the dividers suction to the plates, and they are flexible enough that you can tailor them to a variety of situations. Very happy with this purchase."

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

A second five-star reviewer enthused: "If you have a kid that their food can't touch, and you're washing extra dishes to have them all separate. These are for you!"

But there were a fair amount of adults appreciating the product too.

One user said: "Got these for my Mom who hates her food running into each other. These work nicely but sometimes are hard to make suction to the plate."

While a second satisfied customer said: "These are lifesavers. I hate for my food to touch, and while they don't stick to my plates all that well, they *do* still keep good separated and that's all I care about."

The silicone half-moons (or as one reviewer called them a: "smile on your plate"), essentially suction to your plate so that any runny food you're eating stays in its designated place without 'contaminating' anything else.

This is helpful not only for kids who are adamant their food doesn't touch, but also for those with "special needs, [the] elderly, [the] vision impaired, and [any] occupational therapy needs at meal time," the product description explains.

Do you hate it when food touches? You can buy The Food Cubby for £11.35 ($14.99) from Amazon.

Featured Image Credit: The Food Cubby

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