Apparently people no longer look forward to the original crisps flavours like BBQ, salt and vinegar, plain or chicken, and have started favouring a more exotic lifestyle. Why you ask? Because supermarkets seem to be stocking products that sound more like proper meals rather than crisps.

Over the years, Tesco has released crisps that taste like lamb roast, rum and cocoa, steak and ale, and sour cream peppercorns. But now it's unveiling it's latest limited edition flavour: pigs in blankets.

For just a single pound ($1.32), shoppers can now pick up a 150g bag of crisps that will remind you of delicious pork sausages wrapped in smoky bacon. I don't know about you, but I think they sound pretty damn tasty.

Crisps packet

Credit: Tesco

However, it appears the new flavour has divided people on the social media.

A Twitter user exclaimed they were so excited about the crisps that they couldn't sleep, however another person believed they were a 'let down'.

One user said: "How can crisps be pigs in blanket flavour? Isn't it just bacon and sausage flavour? How is the macabre arrangement we know and love reproduced in a crisp?"

While another wrote: "Tesco Finest pigs in blanket crisps are an actual festive gift from the gods."

But while people continue to debate these meat-flavoured snacks, it seems as though the world was united against the idea of another of the supermarket's latest creations: the candy cane crisp. Announced over the weekend, the Tesco's Finest crisps are flavoured with peppermint to give off a 'sweet and salty experience'.

Candy Cane

Credit: Tesco

What's even nicer is that they even have a pink tint to them. This sounds just like my kind of crisp.

People flocked to social media to vent their frustration and confusion at the 'festive' flavour, with one person commenting: "Just seen Tesco are selling Candy Cane flavoured crisps. I stood by them on curry and pigs in blankets flavours, but I can't defend that."

But despite people's initial assumptions about pairing sweet with savoury, some people claimed they were 'oddly nice' or would go down well if they were drunk.

See there you go, now you can get pink crisps to go with your game of Prosecco Pong on girls night. Don't know what Prosecco Pong is? Stop whatever you're doing right now and watch this video, it's the ultimate girls night out pre-drink game...

Credit: YouTube/Turning Tables

It'll be interesting to see what other flavours Tesco can produce - maybe a Full English Breakfast edition? How about tiramisu? What about pairing a curry like chicken tikka masala or korma with crisps?

The possibilities are endless.

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