Have you ever been heading out and realised that you just don't have the time for predrinks? No one wants to go out stone cold sober and have to deal with the ridiculous prices that bars and clubs charge, but when you've spent all day shopping for an outfit, who has time to get ready and predrink?

With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a way you could do both at once. Introducing, Shower Beer!

And look, we know what you're thinking, any beer can be a shower beer if you try hard enough. You can pretty much consume anything you want in the shower. Beer, wine, cocktails, sub-sandwiches, steak dinners, full turkey roasts - it's all possible if you really want to and you're not too bothered about accidentally clogging your drain.

But this Shower Beer is actually designed for the shower. For starters, it is 10% volume so it'll hit you a little harder than normal beers, but it also comes in 18cl bottles designed to be finished in just three sips. Essentially, there's less of it but it's more powerful than normal beers, so it'll probably balance out. Plus, who is ever in the shower long enough to drink an entire bottle of beer? Three sips is the perfect for that on-the-go girl!

Credit: Snask

The drink was created by Swedish marketing brand Snask in association with local brewer Fredrik "PangPang" Tunedal and they claim that the design of the bottle is just as important as the beverage contained within:

(It has a) screen printed in pink on a brown small glass bottle we want the Shower Beer to be seen by being slender, elegant and different.
To be fair, if we could make one criticism it's that glass, showering and alcohol probably aren't the best combination in the world. We'll have to be extra careful, we suppose! Currently the concept is only available in Sweden where it sold out almost immediately, but keep checking back on Snask's website if you want to know when they'll be back in stock!

Credit: Snask

If someone could make a G&T version of this concept we'd probably buy about five million bottles!

Featured Image Credit: Snask

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