Sainsbury's Is Selling 'Sprouts' And 'Pigs In Blankets' Flavour Tea

Now that summer is over and dark nights are upon us, it's officially acceptable to start the countdown to Christmas.

The excitement begins for cosy nights in front of the fire sipping on mulled wine and snacking on alllllll the cheese and crackers in the world and to be frank, we can't wait.

Credit: Sainsbury's
Credit: Sainsbury's

While we believe Christmas time is all about the little things like fighting over how many brussels sprouts your mum makes you eat with your dinner and then bonding over delicious pigs in blankets, it seems like Sainsbury's has got something else in mind.

The supermarket is exclusively selling Brussels Sprouts flavour and Pigs In Blankets flavour teabags to embrace all the festive flavours and we're not sure if it's genius or disgusting to be honest.

Credit: Sainsbury's
Credit: Sainsbury's

Brussels Sprouts teabags will brings green veggie flavours, while the smokey Pigs In Blankets will feature sage and rosemary, so we imagine they probably don't taste as bad as you might first think.

The quirky noveltea bags come in packs of 20 for just £1 a box, making them the ideal unusual Christmas pressie for a tea lover.


It goes without saying that the festive teabags probably won't be set to replace the English Breakfast teabag any time soon, but they'll do for a quirky little tipple around the Christmas table.

Both the Brussels Sprouts teabags and Pigs In Blankets teabags are suitable for vegans - although we're not sure vegans would be too keen on eating sausage flavoured tea, and are best served without milk.

The exciting (or disgusting, you decide) new flavours were first brought to our attention on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK because who doesn't love a bargain.

To be perfectly honest, we'll probably stick with the usual glass of prosecco and actual pig in blankets but we'll have to give them a little go.

Featured Image Credit: Sainsbury's

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