Piña Colada Bounty Chocolate Bars Sound Like A Tropical Dream

Bounty chocolates haven't had it easy over the years. The coconutty goodies are always the treats left at the bottom of the chocolate tin at Christmas and I don't think I've ever met anyone who's favourite chocolate bar is a Bounty.

Well, it looks like things are set to change as there is a brand new Bounty on the block, and it sounds bloody delicious.

The Bounty Paradise Pineapple is a limited edition choco bar, and it looks like it will taste just like a Piña Colada cocktail. Yum.

Credit: Ebay
Credit: Ebay

These might be a little hard to get hold of, as they are currently only available in Russia or you can pick up a pack of three from Ebay (the latter is probably the most practical).

The pineapple Bounty bars aren't exactly cheap though, as you will need to splash out £3.80 plus £6.09 postage to get your hands on some of these bad boys from Ebay.

For a Bounty treat a little bit closer to home, Morrisons is selling individual coconutty ice creams encased in gorgeous nutty chocolate, on a wooden stick so you can consume with ease. Yum yum yum.

Credit: Morrisons
Credit: Morrisons

You might want to head down to your local Morrisons, where you can buy a pack of three yummy ice cream treats for just £2.

What's even better is that the supermarket chain currently has a deal on which means you can buy two packs for £3.

Now, I'm no mathematician but 50p per frozen, chocolatey treat seems like a pretty good deal to me.


If I haven't won you over with all this talk of Bounty chocolates, then loads of other ice creams are included in the offer like Mars Bar, Malteser, Snickers, Daim Bar and Oreo.

For three quid, you can pick up two boxes of whichever ice cream tickle your fancy.

Featured Image Credit: Ebay/Pexels/Wikimedia

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