M&S Is Selling A Lemon, Gin And Tonic Sauce For Pancake Day

M&S is now selling an indulgent lemon, gin and tonic sauce to smother your pancakes with at breakfast time.

The boozy sauce is here just in time for Pancake Day (5th March this year), and the tempting topping is priced at just £2 per squeezy bottle.

Putting a tipsy twist on the classic lemon and sugar topping, the sauce is described as both tart and tangy with a punch, emulating the 'classic flavours' of a G&T.

Credit: M&S
Credit: M&S

It is not just G&T-flavoured either, as the lemon curd actually contains the juniper-based spirit as well as Indian tonic water. However, there will be no hangovers as it's just 0.5% ABV.

The sauce is currently sold out online but you should still be able to get your hands on some in-store in M&S' food hall.

If you haven't managed to perfect your pancake flipping skills for Shrove Tuesday this year, then M&S is selling pre-made ones for ease.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

You can choose from blueberry, buttermilk, as well as chocolate chip versions of the classic, smaller Scotch pancakes, all £1.60 per pack of four which you can drizzle with the lemon curd sauce.

Or if you want to make your own, combine milk, eggs and flour into a patter and fry.

A number of supermarkets also sell pre-made batter so you don't have to mess around mixing up your own and you can spend more time flipping pancakes with the pan.

Credit: M&S
Credit: M&S

This lemon, gin and tonic sauce isn't the only indulgent topping M&S has to offer this Pancake Day either.

You will be able to find a boozy Scottish Heather Honey with Single Malt Whiskey in the food hall, which infuses honey with the smoky peat of a single malt. This new honey is slightly more expensive than the lemony sauce as it is £5 a bottle.

Pancake Day can't come soon enough.

Featured Image Credit: M&S/Unsplash

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