Milky Bar Launches First Milk Chocolate Treat Next Week - And We Need Them In And Around Our Mouth

Chocolate-lovers' favourite MilkyBar is making history next week because, for the first time in the brand's 83-year history, it's launching a non-white chocolate treat - and we can't wait to be a part of the historic moment.

New Milkybar Mix Ups grab bags are a mix of milk and white buttons and will hit supermarket shelves in the UK and Ireland next week.

Designed for Milkybar kids of all ages, each bag contains a mix of classic Milkybar white chocolate buttons with a cocoa filling and milk chocolate buttons with the traditional milky filling (nom).

Each bag contains exactly half of each type of Milkybar Mix Up.

Confectionery giant Nestlé explains they are bowing to long-term customer demand to mix white and milk chocolate together.

Credit: Nestlé
Credit: Nestlé

Alberto Pisanello, Assistant Brand Manager for Milkybar, explained: " Milkybar is famously white chocolate so it needed to be something special if we were going to mix things up.

"We think Milkybar Mix Ups are very special, and if they are as popular out there as they have been at Nestlé HQ then we're sure our fans will absolutely love them!"

The milk chocolate addition is the same recipe used for Rolo chocolates, as the treats are made on the same production line at Nestlé's Fawdon factory, near Newcastle.

Last year, the Milkybar brand experimented with milk chocolate for the first time when it launched low-sugar Milkybar Wowsomes (a white chocolate bar with an oat cereal and milk chocolate filling). But this is the first time the OG range contains milk chocolate and the first treat coated in milk chocolate.

Factory manager at Nestlé Fawdon, Kevin Shrimpton, commented: "We are really excited to be producing under the Milkybar brand for the first time.

Credit: Nestlé
Credit: Nestlé

"We are doing a lot of work at the factory to focus our particular areas of expertise and it's great that we have been able to put our knowledge and experience on Rolo to good use in creating Milkybar Mix Ups."

The new Milkybar Mix Ups contain 81 calories per six-button serving - well under NHS guidelines advising children to only eat two 100-calorie snacks a day.

Prices may vary but can buy them in all major supermarkets from next week in four pack sizes. We can reveal they will cost 65p for a single 32.5g pack and up to £3 for a 196g sharing bag (a 78g pouch and 95g sharing bag will also be available).

Featured Image Credit: Nestlé

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