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​McDonald’s In Australia Is Now Serving Guacamole Fries

Is there anything better than McDonald's fries? Well, yes, there is - McDonald's guacamole fries. Yum.

McDonald's restaurants all over Australia are now offering delicious fries covered in guacamole.


Just look how delicious they look:

Credit: McDonald's
Credit: McDonald's

The fries are the usual McDonald's tasty chip (which are already pretty scrumptious) but they are loaded with guacamole and salsa.

We're feeling a trip to Australia so bad right now!

Another new tasty treat on the McDonald's menu is grilled halloumi McMuffins, and they look absolutely delicious.


Each delightful little toasted muffin is full of squeaky halloumi cheese, with crisp, shredded lettuce on top.

If that doesn't make your heart skip a beat then we don't know what will.

Credit: McDonald's
Credit: McDonald's

There is also a juicy slice of tomato in each savoury treat, and an olive paste, which we are guessing a few people might turn their noses up at, but it sounds seriously yummy to us.

These are served at breakfast time but again they're not available in the UK.

They are currently only being served McDonald's Arabia, so we will just have to keep our fingers crossed that they will soon be filling our bellies over here very soon.

There IS some exciting news for UK McDonald's fans though, as the fast food chain is set to ditch plastic straws in favour of more environmentally versions. *Cheers*.

All jokes aside, the fast food giant wants all of its packaging to be recyclable, but its plastic straws are currently one of the only things that are not.

From May, McDonald's will be trialling paper straws in some of its restaurants, and you'll have to ask if you want to use one as they will be kept behind the counters.

UK McDonald's might not be giving us all of its new tasty menu options but at least it cares about the environment and that's good enough for us.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

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