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KFC Now Does Cheesy Chips And Gravy Topped With Chicken

There are few things in life that create such a heavenly combo as chips, cheese and gravy.

The three magical ingredients somehow work together to create a magical dish that must be adored for the divine snack that it truly is. Quite frankly, there are very few snacks out there that can compete.


Well, that was until PRETTY52 discovered that KFC is selling chips, cheese and gravy topped with chicken, and you can bet it is finger lickin' good.

The fast-food chain describes the delicious treat as: "Our golden fries combined with rich gravy, popcorn chicken and cheese curds. Delicious on its own, or as a combo."


Unfortunately, the incredible combo - which is known as Poutine - is only available in KFC stores in Canada, however one clever chicken lover has discovered just how you can get your hands on the treat here in the UK.

The fast-food fan who goes by the name of Burger Lad, has come up with a handy hack that allows you to get the same great taste in the UK for under £5.


Burger Lad explains how if you order a regular popcorn chicken meal for just £3.59, and regular gravy for 99p.

He writes on his website: "Firstly, the fries and popcorn chicken will normally come separately in their own containers, neither or which lends itself to having gravy poured all over.

"What you do is ask for them to be put together in a Mighty Bucket, which is the short but wide chicken bucket.

"The important thing to remember is the cheese. Ask for two slices of cheese to be added, ideally on top of the fries and under the chicken so it has a chance to melt a bit.

"Pick up the cheese from your box and tear it up into small pieces. Take the little fork that comes with this and mix it all up.

"Mix in the gravy and give it a moment to melt the cheese and voila, you've got (almost) Poutine."

Featured Image Credit: KFC/Channel 4

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Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston and started her career in regional newspapers before joining the team in 2017. Contact her on

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