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Kellogg’s Is Selling White Chocolate Coco Pops After Customers Begged For Their Launch

Kellogg's has introduced a white chocolate version of its best-selling Coco Pops breakfast cereal, for the first time in the brand's 59-year history, in response to customer demand.

The new Coco Pops will be exactly the same as the originals, but will be coated in white chocolate flavouring instead of the normal milk chocolate.

And the newbie isn't just a winner for chocolate fans but health-conscious consumers, too. It boasts 30 per cent less sugar on average than other chocolate rice cereals as well as no artificial colours or flavours.


Credit: Kellogg's
Credit: Kellogg's

"We had the idea to make a white chocolate flavoured Coco Pops when working in our food development kitchen on a new reduced sugar recipe for the original Coco Pops cereal.

"We knew fans were asking for it so we developed a prototype, which uses three basic ingredients, and tried it out with Kellogg's staff who loved it," explains Sara Ashley, Kellogg's food technician.

The cereal is available in Tesco and Asda stores for £2.99 and Twitter users have already started sharing their excitement at the news of the launch.

"Yes of course Im gonna spend my time after work hunting down white chocolate coco pops [sic]," posted one.


"White chocolate coco pops weren't something I knew I needed till now," exclaimed another alongside a heart-eyes emoji.

Another commented: "White chocolate coco pops NEED to be tried."

But while some were thrilled at the prospect of a new morning treat, others questioned whether they were simply Rice Krispies re-marketed. Kellogg's quickly took to Twitter to respond, explaining Rice Krispies don't actually contain any white chocolate.

It also re-tweeted comments from customers, dating right back to 2013, demanding it to 'invent' white chocolate Coco Pops.

And it's not just a snazzy new flavour that's shaking up the brand's offering. Coco Pops' mascot, Coco the Monkey, will be joined in the adverts by a new jungle buddy - Nula the Narwhal (a type of porpoise dubbed 'the unicorn of the sea').

Now excuse us while we stock up on 20 boxes of white chocolate Coco Pops.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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