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Kellogg’s Has Launched A New Pink Rice Krispies Cereal, But It's Dividing People

Kellogg's is bringing out a new flavour of one of our favourite cereals.

From early next year, Rice Krispies will be available in a strawberry flavour and turning pink.

Unfortunately they are only available in the US at the moment, but you never know, they may eventually reach the UK.


According to, makers Kellogg's said they were delivering "on one of fans' top flavour preferences with a "simply, naturally inspired strawberry flavour".

Credit: Kellogg's
Credit: Kellogg's

A version of Strawberry Krispies was released in the eighties, but they now have a completely new recipe, a Kellogg's spokesperson told the publication.

They will be on sale for £3.12 ($3.99) for 326g, and £4.45 ($5.69) for 467g.

The news has had a mixed reaction on social media, with some saying they can't wait to try and get hold of the cereal.


One person commented: "Cut it out Strawberry!!! STOP infiltrating everything!!! Strawberry milk was they are trying to wreck Rice Krispies."

Another wrote: "There used to be strawberry rice krispies. It was just freeze dried strawberries in the cereal and I enjoyed them back in 07 when they were around."

According to New Foods UK, Oreo Joy Fills have a similar outer shell as the Krave cereal but with "a lovely tasting Oreo cream filling".

The crispier Oreo joy fills are now available in Co-op stores for £1.50 for a pack of 90g.

Manufacturer Mondelez, described the treat as "light, crispy, bites with a delicious creamy filling".

If you're in the mood for more of a festive treat, ASDA has been voted as the best place to buy mince pies this year, as its own-brand festive treats came out top in an annual blind taste test by Which?.

More than 100 premium mince pies were put forward for the consumer test from 11 different supermarkets, but judges found that ASDA's Extra Special offerings were the tastiest pick of the bunch.

The Christmas tarts scored an impressive 71 per cent in the taste test, being praised on their "subtle spicing".

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Weekley

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