Call me basic, but there's only a couple of things in life which I couldn't live without, one of which is prosecco. The other is mac and cheese, and I just can't get enough of it.

It is such a comfort food, and the sort of thing you can endlessly shovel into your gob, taking in all its simple, cheesy glory.


When you're craving a mac 'n' cheese, it's pretty hard to find a decent pot of it on your lunch break and a tub of cold Tesco's cheese and tomato pasta (meal deal spesh) doesn't quite match up. *Sigh*

Although it's completely delicious, Pret's macaroni cheese is also pretty expensive, and I just can't go in there without having a coffee too. Every sip or bite I take, I can just hear my bank account's protests.


However, I can't believe we've only just discovered this, but it turns out that good old Greggs, of all places, serves our beloved mac and cheese.

Even better it costs just £2.75!!!

Credit: PA Images

Who knew the sausage roll and cornish pasty bakery have branched out and started producing PASTA?!

According to Greggs, the pots have been on sale since around March 2016, but it seems to have slipped past nearly everyone.

Unfortunately it is only available in 40 selected stores around the U.K, which explains why no-one has picked up on this pretty yummy news.


Speaking to Pretty52, Greggs said that the savoury dish is: "Chifferini pasta with a rich, creamy, mature Cheddar cheese sauce, topped with a Cheddar cheese crumb," and it sounds incredible.

As if cheese just isn't enough, for all your meat lovers, there is also a macaroni cheese and BACON version, which again is only sold in about 40 shops. Sounds delish though.

If a simple pasta pot isn't sufficient, Pizza Hut are now serving cheesy pasta-pizza combos too:

Credit: Pizza Hut/Facebook

Sooooo many carbs. Anyone else all of a sudden really, really hungry!?

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She specialises in Fashion Journalism, and has experience at a range of online and print publications. She is a Journalism and English language graduate of Kingston University, London, and joined the team in 2017. Contact her -

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